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Beijing, Xi’an, Zhongyuan & Grand Jiangnan Tour

Six Ancient Capitals + Shanghai Post-Expo+ Jiangnan Water Town
Local Delicacies:
Beijing: Roast Duck, GOLDEN BBQ Buffet, Most Exclusive Inner Mongolian Cuisine
Xi’an: Time-honored Defachang Dumplings
Kaifeng: Steamed Stuffed Buns of the First Floor
Shanghai: Little Steamed Buns, New Lv Bo Lang
Wuxi: Emperor Qianlong Banquet, Spareribs
Nanjing: Huaiyang Flavor, Salty Duck
Suzhou: Gusu Red Mansion Banquet, Dim Sum
Hangzhou: West Lake Flavor (Dongpo Pork, Beggars’ Chicken), Baguo Buyi
Sichuan-style Cuisine (including face changing performance)
Double Room $250