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Q. How far in advance should I book my bus rental?

    Normally 3 to 6 months in advance is recommended.  However some dates in April, May, June and many weekend dates will book full 6-9 months

Q. What distances do your coaches travel?

    Our coaches will  take you to any destination in the Continental US and Canada.

Q. What is required to reserve my coach?

    When you decide to travel with us, we will forward you a contract and ”Terms and Conditions”.  We ask that you review both documents, initial and sign in all appropriate spaces (marked by an ’X') and return with a deposit to reserve your coach.  (Unless other terms are agreed upon)

Q. How much of a deposit is required to reserve my coach?

    Deposits of $100 or more are required to reserve a coach.  The amount of deposit is based on the total cost of the transportation, the norm is $100 – $500.

Q. Do your motorcoaches have restrooms?

    Yes, all of our motorcoaches are restroom equipped, even our 29 passenger.

Q. Are food and drinks allowed on the motorcoach?

    Yes, food and drinks are permitted on the coach.  We ask that all trash is placed in the trash bags we supply.  However, dairy products  and fruity carbonated beverages (i.e. orange, grape and fruit punch sodas) are prohibited.

Q. Is smoking allowed on the motorcoach?

    No, DjTours has a no smoking policy.